Read Before Reporting Players

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Read Before Reporting Players

Post by PugChan on Sun Apr 03, 2016 3:38 pm

It is great to see people like you to report players that disobeys the server rules as staff are not on 24/7. To make our job easier, please follow the guide below,

Using the correct title is essential and makes it easier for the staff member who is handling the report.
- Examples of abuse;
- Player's Username
Example of title: [Swearing] Notch
The Abuse is [Swearing], and the username is 'Notch'


Using the correct format in your thread makes it easier for staff to deal with the player. By following this format when creating a new report player thread

In-Game Name:
The violator(s) name.

What the violator(s) have done to break the rules.

Screenshots and/or videos of the rule violator(s) breaking the rules.


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